About CEO

Our founder Suzanne Webb has worked in the Healthcare Industry since 1988. She has worked for hospital groups and later as CFO for hospitals. She learned the inner workings of the insurance industry and how they work. Over the past 15 years she with her husband Kelly owned a medical billing company that focused on Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC’s) and surgeons over the years the relationship between the surgeon and the patient has changed, it’s all about what the insurance carrier wants NOT the Physician.

Our Network

This Network has been created because “I’m amazed by Surgeons they see us in pain, they see us at our worst and they fix us! They open us up, see the problem and then use all of their knowledge and technology to repair us.” Our society has changed and for some reason, people spend more time looking for a restaurant then researching their Surgeon.

We have made the process better, we will do all the hard work. We will “vet” them so you are only choosing from the best surgeons and the safest environment this important. Outpatient Surgery Centers have almost no infection rate and you’ll see from the rest of this website that their rates are cheaper than hospitals. The overall experience is different, it’s more intimate, there are less sick people than hospitals and in a lot of cases the surgeon is on site while you are in recovery.

We have decided to market this to Employers because in most cases they have benefits for using an Outpatient Surgery Center verses the hospital setting. Also Outpatient Surgery Centers were created for the employees that need to get back to work quickly and safely. With the move to telemedicine more patients will access their physician with use of video and other technologies.

We hope you will use this Network for all of your surgical needs and be connected to the right provider before your next surgery. Together we can change the surgical experience!